Dart applications

The function buildDartApplication builds Dart applications managed with pub.

It fetches its Dart dependencies automatically through fetchDartDeps, and (through a series of hooks) builds and installs the executables specified in the pubspec file. The hooks can be used in other derivations, if needed. The phases can also be overridden to do something different from installing binaries.

If you are packaging a Flutter desktop application, use buildFlutterApplication instead.

vendorHash: is the hash of the output of the dependency fetcher derivation. To obtain it, simply set it to lib.fakeHash (or omit it) and run the build (more details here).

If the upstream source is missing a pubspec.lock file, you'll have to vendor one and specify it using pubspecLockFile. If it is needed, one will be generated for you and printed when attempting to build the derivation.

The dart commands run can be overridden through pubGetScript and dartCompileCommand, you can also add flags using dartCompileFlags or dartJitFlags.

Dart supports multiple outputs types, you can choose between them using dartOutputType (defaults to exe). If you want to override the binaries path or the source path they come from, you can use dartEntryPoints. Outputs that require a runtime will automatically be wrapped with the relevant runtime (dartaotruntime for aot-snapshot, dart run for jit-snapshot and kernel, node for js), this can be overridden through dartRuntimeCommand.

{ buildDartApplication, fetchFromGitHub }:

buildDartApplication rec {
  pname = "dart-sass";
  version = "1.62.1";

  src = fetchFromGitHub {
    owner = "sass";
    repo = pname;
    rev = version;
    hash = "sha256-U6enz8yJcc4Wf8m54eYIAnVg/jsGi247Wy8lp1r1wg4=";

  pubspecLockFile = ./pubspec.lock;
  vendorHash = "sha256-Atm7zfnDambN/BmmUf4BG0yUz/y6xWzf0reDw3Ad41s=";

Flutter applications

The function buildFlutterApplication builds Flutter applications.

The deps.json file must always be provided when packaging in Nixpkgs. It will be generated and printed if the derivation is attempted to be built without one. Alternatively, autoDepsList may be set to true when outside of Nixpkgs, as it relies on import-from-derivation.

A pubspec.lock file must be available. See the Dart documentation for more details.

{  flutter, fetchFromGitHub }:

flutter.buildFlutterApplication {
  pname = "firmware-updater";
  version = "unstable-2023-04-30";

  src = fetchFromGitHub {
    owner = "canonical";
    repo = "firmware-updater";
    rev = "6e7dbdb64e344633ea62874b54ff3990bd3b8440";
    sha256 = "sha256-s5mwtr5MSPqLMN+k851+pFIFFPa0N1hqz97ys050tFA=";
    fetchSubmodules = true;

  pubspecLockFile = ./pubspec.lock;
  depsListFile = ./deps.json;
  vendorHash = "sha256-cdMO+tr6kYiN5xKXa+uTMAcFf2C75F3wVPrn21G4QPQ=";