This hook helps with installing manpages and shell completion files. It exposes 2 shell functions installManPage and installShellCompletion that can be used from your postInstall hook.

The installManPage function takes one or more paths to manpages to install. The manpages must have a section suffix, and may optionally be compressed (with .gz suffix). This function will place them into the correct directory.

The installShellCompletion function takes one or more paths to shell completion files. By default it will autodetect the shell type from the completion file extension, but you may also specify it by passing one of --bash, --fish, or --zsh. These flags apply to all paths listed after them (up until another shell flag is given). Each path may also have a custom installation name provided by providing a flag --name NAME before the path. If this flag is not provided, zsh completions will be renamed automatically such that foobar.zsh becomes _foobar. A root name may be provided for all paths using the flag --cmd NAME; this synthesizes the appropriate name depending on the shell (e.g. --cmd foo will synthesize the name foo.bash for bash and _foo for zsh). The path may also be a fifo or named fd (such as produced by <(cmd)), in which case the shell and name must be provided.

nativeBuildInputs = [ installShellFiles ];
postInstall = ''
  installManPage doc/foobar.1 doc/barfoo.3
  # explicit behavior
  installShellCompletion --bash --name foobar.bash share/completions.bash
  installShellCompletion --fish --name share/
  installShellCompletion --zsh --name _foobar share/completions.zsh
  # implicit behavior
  installShellCompletion share/completions/foobar.{bash,fish,zsh}
  # using named fd
  installShellCompletion --cmd foobar \
    --bash <($out/bin/foobar --bash-completion) \
    --fish <($out/bin/foobar --fish-completion) \
    --zsh <($out/bin/foobar --zsh-completion)