Citrix Workspace

The Citrix Workspace App is a remote desktop viewer which provides access to XenDesktop installations.

Basic usage

The tarball archive needs to be downloaded manually, as the license agreements of the vendor for Citrix Workspace needs to be accepted first. Then run nix-prefetch-url file://$PWD/linuxx64-$version.tar.gz. With the archive available in the store, the package can be built and installed with Nix.

Citrix Self-service

The self-service is an application managing Citrix desktops and applications. Please note that this feature only works with at least citrix_workspace_20_06_0 and later versions.

In order to set this up, you first have to download the .cr file from the Netscaler Gateway. After that, you can configure the selfservice like this:

$ storebrowse -C ~/Downloads/
$ selfservice

Custom certificates

The Citrix Workspace App in nixpkgs trusts several certificates from the Mozilla database by default. However, several companies using Citrix might require their own corporate certificate. On distros with imperative packaging, these certs can be stored easily in $ICAROOT, however this directory is a store path in nixpkgs. In order to work around this issue, the package provides a simple mechanism to add custom certificates without rebuilding the entire package using symlinkJoin:

with import <nixpkgs> { config.allowUnfree = true; };
  extraCerts = [
    ./custom-cert-2.pem # ...
in citrix_workspace.override { inherit extraCerts; }