Interactive updates

nixpkgs-update supports interactive, single package updates via the update subcommand.

Update tutorial

  1. Setup hub and give it your GitHub credentials, so it saves an oauth token. This allows nixpkgs-update to query the GitHub API.
  2. Go to your local checkout of nixpkgs, and make sure the working directory is clean. Be on a branch you are okay committing to.
  3. Run it like: nixpkgs-update update "postman 7.20.0 7.21.2" which mean update the package "postman" from version 7.20.0 to version 7.21.2.
  4. It will run the updater, and, if the update builds, it will commit the update and output a message you could use for a pull request.



adds CVE vulnerability reporting to the PR message. On first invocation with this option, a CVE database is built. Subsequent invocations will be much faster.


runs nixpkgs-review, which tries to build all the packages that depend on the one being updated and adds a report.