Some of these features only apply to the update-list sub-command or to features only available to the @r-ryantm bot.


A number of checks are performed to help nixpkgs maintainers gauge the likelihood that an update was successful. All the binaries are run with various flags to see if they have a zero exit code and output the new version number. The outpath directory tree is searched for files containing the new version number. A directory tree and disk usage listing is provided.

Security report

Information from the National Vulnerability Database maintained by NIST is compared against the current and updated package version. The nixpkgs package name is matched with the Common Platform Enumeration vendor, product, edition, software edition, and target software fields to find candidate Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs). The CVEs are filtered by the matching the current and updated versions with the CVE version ranges.

The general philosophy of the CVE search is to avoid false negatives, which means we expect to generate many false positives. The false positives can be carefully removed by manually created rules implemented in the filter function in the NVDRules module.

If there are no CVE matches, the report is not shown. The report has three parts: CVEs resolved by this update, CVEs introduced by this update, and CVEs present in both version.

If you would like to report a problem with the security report, please use the nixpkgs-update GitHub issues.

The initial development of the security report was made possible by a partnership with Serokell and the NLNet Foundation through their Next Generation Internet Zero Discovery initiative (NGI0 Discovery). NGI0 Discovery is made possible with financial support from the European Commission.

Rebuild report

The PRs made by nixpkgs-update say what packages need to be rebuilt if the pull request is merged. This uses the same mechanism OfBorg uses to put rebuild labels on PRs. Not limited by labels, it can report the exact number of rebuilds and list some of the attrpaths that would need to be rebuilt.

PRs against staging

If a PR merge would cause more than 500 packages to be rebuilt, the PR is made against staging.


Logs from r-ryantm's runs are available online. There are a lot of packages nixpkgs-update currently has no hope of updating. Please dredge the logs to find out why your pet package is not receiving updates.


By uploading the build outputs to Cachix, nixpkgs-update allows you to test a package with one command.